This is a very reasonably priced supermarket especially for groceries. -Address:  Marcory Zone 3 Rue des Brasseurs Tel: +225 21 24 36 63

Leader Price

This is a French discount store chain of the Group Casino -Address: Riviera 3 РBoulevard Mitterrand Tel: +225 49 11 19 01 -Address: Marcory...
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Jour de marché

–Address:¬†Near Palm club, Road Lycee technique Cocody Tel:¬†+225 22 44 07 33 -Address:¬†Marcory residentiel Tel:¬†+225 21 26 99 29


You can find many organic goods as well as soya yogurts, soya milk, agave nectar and many other vegan options. Address: Deux Plateaux...
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A chain of supermarkets owned by Group Casino from France. -Address: Marcory Zone 4 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie РPrima Center Tel: +225...
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