Things to do in San Pedro

1. Le Bollo Super

Coming from Tabou, a Kroumen region located in the extreme south-west of Côte d’Ivoire, the Bollo is a melodious rhythm and dance steps that recall the European rock and waltz. Dance of rejoicing after the hard work of the county, le bollo contributed to the animation of the village and allowed the girls to leave family chores. Its social significance led the Kroumen to associate it with the various celebrations of rejoicing of the village: good harvests of the year, good sales of agricultural products, recreational evenings, moments of reunion, end of construction of a house, etc.

In addition to rejoicing, the Bollo was also sang and danced at the funeral. In Kroumen county, as throughout Africa, the cult of the dead is of particular interest. According to the sages, it is the moment when the soul of the deceased leaves the body and goes to prowl around the village until the funeral, the Kroumen people think it is better to rejoice so that the spirit may participate, if only for the last time, in the feast of this world here before the last journey to the Hereafter.

City: San-Pédro

Activities: Culture, Leisure

2. Les plages de Monogaga

Monogaga, is a fishing village famous for its magnificent beach, is located about forty kilometers from San-Pédro, in the south-west of Côte d’Ivoire. At first glance, what’s striking about Monogaga is the combination of green and blue scenery. The Atlantic Ocean and the rainforest face each other to the delight of visitors.

City: San Pedro

Activities: Beach, Leisure

Address: 30 km from San Pedro

3. Plage de Taky

Lush forests with countless species harmoniously blend fine sand and sea without barrier.

City: San-Pédro

Activities: Beach, Leisure

Address: 27 Km from San Pedro

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