Things to do in Korhogo & the Savana Region

1. Centre Artistique De Korhogo

This center gives art education to young school dropouts in the region. The CAK students receive training in painting, drawing, graphic art, sculpture (wood and bronze).

City: Korhogo

Activities: Art

2. Le Centre Artisanal Des Peintres Sur Toile

This is an area in the town occupied by artists and you can find everything from canvas, bags, tunics and dresses that are painted. The canvas used mainly comes from Bouake.

City: Korhogo

Activities: Art, shopping

Address: Préfecture neighborhood opposite the water tower

Tel: +225 36 86 07 94

3. Le Musée Peleforo Gbon


This museum was opened in 1992 to pay tribute to the memory of the famous Senufo chief (Gbon Coulibaly), the museum consists of six exhibits including a collection of old yellowed photographs showing how the country developed over the years pre and post-colonial era, there is also a room of masks, a room devoted exclusively to the Patriarch, a room for musical instruments and a room devoted to Senoufo culture.

City: Korhogo

Activities: Art, Culture

4. Mont Korhogo

This is a small mountain located in the southwest part of the city of Korhogo.

City: Korhogo

Activities: Nature

5. Quartier Des Sculptures

In Korhogo city Koko district is home to many sculptors who work on teak or cheesewood to make artwork. The works on display are a reflection of the ongoing dialogue with the spirits of the hereafter. Different carved wood make up, figurines and faces, they demonstrate the different and obscure actions of the sacredness in everyday life. Sculpture has become for some a testimony of the past, so for many, sculpture is really a second language.

City: Korhogo

Activities: Art, Culture

6. Réserve du Haut Bandama

This is a nature reserve and conservancy.

City: Korhogo

Activities: Nature

7. Ecoferme de Lokoli

Eco-farm Lokoli is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful nature as you relax. The hotel has a beautiful view of Bandama River, there are a lot of activities one can take part in while there, these include: Jets skiing, canoes, nature walk along the river, riding quadbikes, there’s a shooting range and Board games.

City: Korhogo

Activities: Nature, Leisure

Address: Sinematiali

Tel: +225 88 53 04 92 / +225 55 55 47 75 / +225 57 00 26 00


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