Overview of Soubré & Taï National Park

Taï National Park

Discover Taï National Park and the authenticity of its rainforest!

Unesco World Heritage, the Taï National Park, with more than 5,000 km2, contains in its thick canopy a remarkable biodiversity, a perfect starting point for hiking tours and walks with varied difficulties and themes.

Destination Tai, a locality west of Côte d’Ivoire, between Tai National Park and the Cavally River, the natural border with Liberia.

Tai, a stronghold of Oubi and Dao, is the perfect setting for a rich and responsible ecotourism. Our western region is known to be one of the richest in the country culturally speaking, due to the Oubi traditional dances and the sacred Guéré’s masks.

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Nature in Tai

Enjoy a unique experience, approaching a group of habituated monkeys, red colobus and mangabey in their natural environment, sleeping in the heart of a tropical forest in camp “Boyè”, learning how to navigate in deep forest with our eco-guides, Immersing yourself of indigenous knowledge through an ethnobotanical circuit, climbing the Seba hill to admire the canopy or going in search of fresh chimpanzees tracks.

Cocoa, coffee and rubber are significant financial resources for our people. By meeting the planters, half-day is only needed to learn everything about these plantations. You can also visit a cocoa plantation certified by the Rainforest Alliance label and make the connection between sustainable development and the protection of the rainforest.

Enjoy the natural surroundings of the Cavally River, natural border between Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire. A tranquil escape in a pirogue ride of 3.5 hours along the Grebo National Park, will take you to the island of a thousand rocks, the 3 sacred rocks and the island of “middle”.


Culture in Tai

Take a deep plunge for a few hours into the amazing world of Oubi and Dao (Guéré) tradition and relive, for example, a traditional evening in the village.  On the menu, dancing, drumming, manly games, scenic and dining experience.

The Ecomuseum, located at the entrance of Tai, will let you discover 33 years of research on chimpanzees in Tai National Park. The visit of an hour and a half should give you a good base for your stay in the rainforest.

Club PAN: meet the children of Tai primary school during an environmental education lesson. Behind the ecomuseum under a bamboo grove, you will live a moment full of tenderness.

Traditional huts in the village. Two villagers houses, built and equipped in accordance with local materials and architecture of Oubi and Dao ethnic groups are managed by women’s groups. A quiet supportive stay.

The rates charged for the various local activities under WCF-lead are a contribution to maintain the activities, including the fee for the eco-guides and the people organizing the traditional evenings, buying and repairing material, and keeping the forest camps functional.


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