Institut de Cryothérapie

Institut de Cryothérapie

Provides the first cryotherapy experience in Abidjan.


Cryotherapy, or “cold therapy,” utilizes extreme cold to activate the central nervous system. The result is a potential increase in blood and lymphatic circulation that accelerates the removal of toxins and promotes cellular regeneration. The body’s natural ability to heal itself is potentially optimized, which may significantly reduce pain, inflammation and swelling.

Sports injuries, muscle soreness, joint pain, inflammatory skin disorders and inflammation associated with health conditions can all potentially experience relief with cryotherapy. People have reported increased energy and vitality, improved sleep, weight loss, enhanced mood and greater athletic performance following cryotherapy sessions.j

Address: Marcory Boulevard VGE – Building “le Massai” (same building as “Le Toa Lounge Bar”)

Tel: +225 49 15 47 92

Facebook: Institut de Cryothérapie