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To be employed in C么te d’Ivoire, non-Ivorians need :

A contract or a written job offer to be approved by the AGEPE (Agency for Studies and Promotion of Employment).

Within 3 months of starting work, the foreigner must apply to the authorities for a work permit.

Work permits are issued either for a short period or for a long-term contract, and the employer will have to pay an annual fee for issuing the permit. There are two types of work contract in C么te d’Ivoire. Fixed-term contracts where the duration is determined in advance with the agreement of both parties, and open-ended contracts where the duration depends on a future element whose occurrence will terminate the contract or whose duration is not specified in advance. All contracts longer than three months must be stamped by the Labour Inspectorate.

The legal hourly rate of work is 40 hours per week. Retirement is at age 55.

Paid annual leave is as follows: for a worker with 1 year of seniority 26.4 working days. A worker with a 5-year contract has 27.4 working days. A worker with a contract of 10 years or more has 28.4 working days.

The law in Cote d’Ivoire allows resignation in cases of redundancy, and employers are required to notify the authorities if more than nine employees have resigned.

The notice period for an employee with less than 10 years of employment is 4.3 weeks, while for employees 10 years or older 8.7 weeks is required.


C么te d’Ivoire has a more efficient tax revenue collection system than most other sub-Saharan countries. This includes a wide range of taxes on personal income, capital gains, value added on economic activities, exports and imports. It is often the goods and services that are taxed the most, driving up prices.

The search for work

Do you speak English in Abidjan?

When it comes to finding a job in English in C么te d’Ivoire, your chances are somewhat limited, especially if you haven’t spoken a word of French since your last class at school. Nevertheless, there are some options that may be worth considering:

  • There can be a few vacant posts at the embassies or consulates of English-speaking countries even though they might require some level of French.
  • Abidjan is also home to a good number of international organisations and NGOs that regularly advertise jobs. One of the biggest is the African Development Bank. Jobs are usually advertised on the different websites. To view current vacancies for The African Development Bank (AfDB) group click here:

Here is a link to a list of contacts of embassies, international organisations and NGOs in C么te d’Ivoire:

  • You could also get a job teaching English as a second language in schools or universities. Please find a school guide in Abidjan4you Education section.
  • Freelance Writing/Editing/Translating: more and more Ivorian companies are needing help translating their websites or documents into English and will call on native English speakers and may not even require previous writing experience.

Here are some useful websites you should also consider for more job listings:

  • Jumia Jobs connects the best talent with top companies in C么te d’Ivoire. It is the fastest growing job portal in emerging markets. To find a local job on Jumia Jobs click here:
  • In partnership with AfricSearch, Abidjan4you is regularly providing job vacancies in this section. Over the years, AfricSearch has become one of the leading Recruitment & Human Resources consulting firm for Africa. For more information in English check this: Africsearch Brochure or contact them Tel: +225 20 21 21 11/ Email:


Address: Marcory Bietry – Zone 4 C Rue du Docteur Blanchard

Tel: +225 21 21 83 83




Address: Cocody Deux-plateaux Vallon Rue des Jardins

Tel: +225 22 00 97 70 / +225 65 40 95 55

Facebook: Novojob CI


We have selected a few job search resources that could be useful:

Abidjan4you job search engine

Abidjan4you Job search is a free service, There are NO costs for the organizations that are listed on this section and there are NO costs for the users using it. It is entirely free.

We are reaching thousands of English speakers in Abidjan and all over the world.

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