Ivorian Medias

Ivorian Medias

French is the official language of Côte d’Ivoire. It is the main language used in government, business and the media. The Media in Cote d’Ivoire is largely controlled by the government. National radio and TV broadcast in French, but local languages are often used for selected news bulletins, public service announcements and advertisements. Radio is the most widespread and influential form of media in Cote d’Ivoire. Local radio stations broadcast most of their programmes in French, however community stations broadcast local news bulletins and occasionally other programmes in the local Languages spoken by their target audience, depending on the region.

The government operates the outlets with the widest reach, 2 radio stations, 2 TV stations and the leading daily newspaper.

The media have been key players during conflicts, media outlets were used as propaganda tools but since the end of the civil war, they have stopped the use of inflammatory language.


Nowadays, it is easier than ever to get the news in real time through the internet. But you can also catch up on the latest news and entertainment by subscribing to the many television package options we have listed below. Though the majority of channels played in Côte d’Ivoire are in French, you can also purchase packages for channels in English, Chinese, Italian, and Arabic and more!



State run Radiodiffusion-Télévision Ivoirienne (RTI) is the publicly owned radio and television authority of Côte d’Ivoire. RTI broadcasts on two channels:

  • RTI1 is the main channel. It broadcasts nationwide in French. Every day, it carries two or three 10 minute news bulletins in selected local languages. The languages used in these bulletins vary from day to day. Some sports are also in local languages.
  • RTI2 is the second channel and it only broadcasts in Abidjan and the immediate vicinity. Its programming is almost entirely in French.

Address: Cocody boulevard Latrille

Tel: +225 22 40 12 50

Website: www.rti.ci



As the most influential systems integrator, technology provider and internet operator in china, StarTimes started developing its African markets in 2002, and was issued the first digital TV operator license by Rwanda in 2007. Currently StarTimes has licenses and registered companies in 16 African nations.

StarTimes offers 5 Channel Packages:

  • StarTimes Smart – 4,500 CFA/month for 93 channels: Films & Series, documentary, sports, news, kids’ channels, music, religion and lifestyle
  • StarTimes Super – 9,000 CFA/month for 128 channels: Local channels, documentary, sports, films & series, Indian shows, International news, kids’ channels, music, religion and lifestyle.
  • StarTimes Chinese – 12,000 CFA/month for 138 channels (same as Super Package, with additional Chinese channels)
  • StarTimes English – 12,000 CFA/month for 150 channels: (same as Super Package, with additional English channels)
  •               StarTimes Tout – 15,000 CFA/month for 168 channels (includes all available channels)

*Monthly payments can be made online with your account. Address: Cocody Centre Boulevard des Martyrs

Tel: +225 22 02 60 60

Website: www.startimestv.com/

Facebook: Startimes CI officiel


The main target for this Satellite TV is the French-speaking African audience.

Canal+ offers 5 packages:

  • Tout Canal+ – 40,000 CFA/month for 220 channels, all Canal+ channels, radio stations and my Canal.
  • Evasion+ – 20,000 CFA/month for 202 channels, all Canal+ channels, radio stations and my Canal.
  • Canal+ – 10,000 CFA/month for 8 premium Canal+ channels, my Canal and radio stations.
  • Evasion – 10,000 CFA/month for 182 channels, my Canal and radio stations.
  • Access: 5,000 CFA/month for 149 channels, my Canal and radio stations.

*Monthly payments can be made via automatic bank payments, via the mobile app, or in person to one of their locations listed below:

  • Cocody Deux Plateaux Vallon

Opening schedule: Monday-Friday: 08:00-15:00

Tel: +225 20 00 74 78

  • Plateau Opposite PJ

Opening schedule: Monday-Friday: 08:00-15:00

Tel: +225 20 00 74 78

CANAL+ Headquarters

Address: Marcory Boulevard VGE next Crossroad Solibra

Opening schedule: Monday-Friday: 08:30-17:30 / Saturday: 09:00-14:00

Facebook: Canal+ Afrique

Website: www.canalplus-afrique.com


DStv is a multi-channel digital satellite service provided by MultiChoice Africa, a South African company and offers programs in English and broadcasts in more than 20 African countries. They offer a wide range of packages:

  • DStv Access – 9,000 CFA/month for 80 channels offering value for money with movies/entertainment and news and commerce
  • DStv Family – 14,000 CFA/month for 92 channels is designed for the family with an emphasis on movies, childrens programming
  • DStv Compact – 21,000 CFA/month for 121 channels has a wider variety including premium M-Net Action and M-Net Series channels as well as National Geographic.
  • DStv Compact Plus -35,000 CFA/month for 117 channels with great family entertainment and a wider variety of live sports coverage
  • DStv Premium – 59,000 CFA/month for 136 channels incuding world television, live sports, documentaries, movies, kids programming, and 30 CD quality audio channels

Package add-ons include:

  • DStv French: For 9,000 CFA/month this package can be added to DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family or Access packages.
  • DStv French Plus: For 19,000CFA you get the very best in French Tv programming with 15 great channels. This package can be added on the following packages: PREMIUM; COMPACT +, COMPACT channels.

Using their online login, your TV subscription can also be live streamed on your computer or mobile device. And monthly payments can be made online or in person at their offices.

Address: “Alpha 2000” Building, Near La Librairie de France Le Plateau

Tel: +225 20 31 67 51

Facebook: Dstv CI

Website: www.dstv.com/en-ci

1. Radio

  • Radio Yopougon (community radio)
  • Radio ATM Port-Bouët (community radio)
  • City FM (private license holder, Treichville)
  • Radio Abidjan 1 (ex RFS) (private license holder, Cocody)
  • Albayane FM
  • Cocody FM (private license holder, Cocody)
  • Radio Alobhé Bingerville, 100.8 FM (Radio Communale)
  • Radio Espoir (religious non-commercial station)
  • Zénith FM
  • Radio Amitié
  • Radio Anyama

2. Online Media


  • Tiburce Koffi
  • Soumahoro Ahmed S.Félix
  • Innocent Naki
  • Roger Fulgence Kassy
  • Mariam Coulibaly
  • Fousseni Coulibaly
  • Tonton Bouba

3. Print


  • Freedom Neruda, named a World Press Freedom Hero of the International Press Institute
  • Rommy Roméo Nahounou
  • Didier Bléou
  • Bamba Bakary
  • Pascal Aka Brou
  • Joseph Andjou
  • Serge Bilé
  • Tiburce Koffi
  • Soumahoro Ahmed S.Félix
  • Innocent Naki
  • Roger Fulgence Kassy
  • Mariam Coulibaly
  • Fousseni Coulibaly
  • Tonton Bouba

4. Telivision

  • Télévision Ivory Coast (TCI)
  • Rommy Roméo Nahounou
  • La Première
  • TV2
  • RTI Sport TV
  • RTI Music TV
  • Africahit Music TV
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