Côte d’Ivoire’s main international airport is located 14 km south of Abidjan city centre and is known as Felix Houphouet Boigny International Airport or Port-Bouet Airport. The airport code is ABJ.

Many airlines have direct flights between Abidjan and Europe, the Middle East, and the Middle East.

For more information on flight schedules, departures and arrivals, and delay times, please call or visit the airport’s website.

The airport has a knowledgeable and available reception service.

Abidjan airport structures

  • VIP Lounge

A VIP lounge is available in the departure hall. Access is restricted to business or first class travelers of some airlines and to holders of VIP lounge cards.

  • Health

To ensure the comfort of its passengers and visitors, Abidjan airport offers a medical service for health emergencies, located in the main hall, near the departures area. Two pharmacies are also within the airport, one in the main lobby and another in the boarding area.

  • Luggage

In case of a traveler’s loss, theft or a damage luggage, please contact the baggage disputes at the following number: Tel: +225 21 21 30 58 / +225 21 21 30 95

  • Luggage Wrapping

To strengthen and protect your luggage from bumps, scratches or theft, a luggage wrapping service is available in the check-in area. Price of 1500 CFA per bag wrapped.

  • Bars and Restaurants

Abidjan airport has numerous bars and restaurants operated in the main hall and in the boarding area.

  • Last minute

Tickets Passengers who have not had the time to buy their tickets or have missed their flights have the option to purchase a ticket at the airport (generally at higher rates).

  • Parking Space

2 parkings lots (P1 and P2 = 750 places) are available. The price is hourly based (1 hour = 500 CFA). Frequent visitor parking cards are also available for frequent travelers and people working in the airport area

  • Long-term Parking Prices

1 month: 30 000 Cfa 3 months: 90 000Cfa 6 months: 180 000 Cfa 1 year: 360 000 Cfa

  • Taxis

Taxis are available 24 hours a day at Abidjan International Airport. They are recognizable by their reddish-orange color. They have a taximeter but they are seldom used. The rides are always negotiated with the driver before entering the vehicle. Recently the city has wanted to enforce the use of meters in taxis as some visitors were being charged far above the normal rate. It is said that officers will be stationed to help arriving passengers get a correct price. However, Abidjan is a very large city, and the price and the ride time (15 to 40 minutes) depends on the distance to the destination area and on congestion of the streets. Expect to pay a minimum 4,000 CFA. It is also highly recommended to use the services of a private car company to pick you up to avoid these issues.

Please see our Taxis Information Page for more details including pre-arranged private taxi transfers.

  • Shuttle Bus

The SOTRA line “MonBus 6” joins the South Plateau station with the airport at the cost of 200 FCFA about (€ 0.30 or US $ 0.35). There are some hotels which operate shuttles between the airport, the specific hotels, the city center and tourist areas.

Tourism and culture – travel

The main airport in Côte d’Ivoire is located 14 km south of Abidjan city centre and is known as Felix Houphouet Boigny International Airport or Port-Bouet Airport. The airport is a new structure and increased security has shaken up its old reputation as a place where travellers get ripped off.

You can find the daily flight schedules on the airport:


Facebook: Aéroport Abidjan.

It is also possible to obtain information on departures, arrivals, delays and other information by calling the airport.

Tel: +225 21 75 79 01 / +225 21 75 79 02

Felix Houphouet Boigny International Airport has daily flights to and from Paris (Air France), Istanbul (Turkish Airlines) and Brussels (Brussels Airlines), to name a few. There are also regular flights to other West African capitals.

Air France operates regular flights with the Airbus A380 to and from Houphouet Boigny International Airport.

The Airbus A380 is an airliner with four engines, two decks and a wide fuselage. It is the largest airliner in the world, and the airports where it lands have upgraded their facilities to accommodate it. When leaving the airport, we invite you to ask a relative to order a taxi or to order a taxi from Ivory, Yango or Uber.

Airlines flying to Abidjan

Address: Plateau Avenue Houidaille

Tel: +225 20 32 56 51

Reservation on:

Address: Plateau Rue du Commerce opposite SAHAM Assurance

Tel: +225 20 32 89 19

Reservation on:

National carrier that offers more than 300 flights a week to 25 destinations in West and East Africa.

Address: Plateau Place de la Republique

Tel: +225 20 25 10 30 / +225 78 11 69 77

Facebook: Air Côte d’Ivoire Officiel

Reservation on:

Address: Plateau Avenue Nogues – “Kharrat” Building 1rst Floor

Tel: +225 20 20 24 24

Reservation on:

Address: Plateau – “Le Général” Building

Tel: +225 20 32 70 44

Reservation on:

Address: Marcory Zone 4 Rue Pierre & Marie Curie opposite Mercedes – Brussels Airlines Building

Tel: +225 21 21 38 70 / +225 21 75 70 90 / +225 08 51 90 14

Reservation on:

    • Date: Saturday, 4 July, 2020 - 10:00 Description: Time: 09:00 Price : 12 000 FCFA / 10 000 FCFA member Venue: Grand Bassam Infoline: +225 05 91...
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