Moving & Shipping

Moving & Shipping

Removal and transport companies

Moving personal belongings to a new country can be complex. There are a number of companies that offer a complete removal and transport service to Abidjan. Rates vary according to the size of the goods, the country of shipment and the time required for transport. Although air transport is fast, it is very expensive. Some companies also offer a storage and insurance service for goods.

Most of the time, these companies will also assist you with customs formalities. However, it is important to note that the time needed for customs formalities can be long and this could delay your departure. We have more information on this subject on the “Customs regulations” page. We advise you to choose a company that takes care of the customs documents and tariffs.

If you are planning to take your pet to the Ivory Coast, a veterinary health certificate or equivalent is required. A period of quarantine should also be considered. Furthermore, we would like to inform you that structures adapted to the well-being and health of animals are in full development in Ivory Coast and prices vary according to the pathologies.

There are several agencies that can assist you with managing your move.

Transit agents

If you wish to move to Abidjan or import goods for work, you will need to transit your goods through the port of Abidjan or Abidjan airport. In these cases, it is recommended that you hire a transit agent. This is a person or company that organises deliveries for individuals or companies so that they are not misled in the logistics of transport. They assist in the preparation and process of customs and other documents necessary for international transport.
The list of companies specialising in removals includes transit agents. This gives you a detailed list of offers. You will therefore not have to hire anyone individually. This is certainly more convenient, but it can be more expensive.

Please find below a list of Authorized Transit Agents found on the website of the Port of Abidjan (Port Autonome d’Abidjan).

Removal agencies

Moving to a new location can be a challenge, especially in a foreign country (and even more so when you are not fluent in the language!) For this, there are removal agencies in Abidjan to help you through this transition: finding a house, setting up common services and even giving legal advice. We advise you to always use state-approved agencies.

Customs formalities

Household goods are exempt from taxes if they have been owned and used for at least six months prior to transport. Nevertheless, the customer will have to obtain a Duty Free Certificate from the customs office. This certificate must arrive 15 days before the arrival of the ground transport. An original air waybill or delivery note will then be required for all goods imported into the country.

We also inform you that right-hand drive vehicles are prohibited in Côte d’Ivoire. Since 2017, Côte d’Ivoire only tolerates the import of second-hand cars that do not exceed 5 years of use.

There are no limits on the import of foreign currency by locals or visitors. Other currencies are also not limited to importation but will have to be declared on entry and exit. Locals are requested to convert foreign currency into local currency within eight days of entering the country. You will be able to exchange currency at the airport directly at foreign exchange offices or financial structures, but do not use a private individual.

The transport of animals in Côte d’Ivoire requires a Veterinary Health Certificate, or equivalent.

Quarantine is also to be taken into consideration.

The port of Abidjan is divided into 7 activity zones:

  1. The old port which is a fruit terminal and a timber yard
  2. The warehouse is a grouping of shops. It is also the storage place for companies, goods, the export of various services, etc.
  3. The fishing port groups together all the activities connected with it, including cold stores for processing, fish preservation for restaurants, etc.
  4. The Vridi Dike Warehouse consists of a warehouse for agricultural products, general cargo and the Vridi Container Terminal.
  5. The Vridi area is used for the shipbuilding industry and its activities.
  6. The Vridi industrial zone, for chemical and petrochemical, food preparation, metallurgical and electrical activities.
  7. The Vridi area for housing and tourism
  • Contacts

– Head office Tel: +225 21 23 80 00

– Sales and Marketing Tel: +225 21 23 82 63 / +225 21 23 82 62

– Port Captain Tel: +225 21 23 86 97

– Fishing Port Tel: +225 21 23 81 28

– Port General Secretary Tel: +225 21 23 87 15 / +225 21 23 87 16 / +225 21 23 87 17

– Port Police Tel: +225 21 23 87 40 / +225 21 23 87 41 / +225 21 23 87 49 / +225 21 23 87 59

– Port Security Tel: +225 21 35 26 70

– Emergency Towing and Rescue Tel: +225 21 22 01 89 / +225 21 24 04 66

– Ivorian Customs contacts:


Address: Treichville Boulevard de Marseille

Tel: +225 21 25 22 69



Address: Cocody Angré 7e tranche Quartier Zinsou Rue L185

Tel: +225 22 42 11 95 / +225 59 58 59 56


Facebook: Africa Dem



Address: Yopougon Bel air near Ecobank

Tel: +225 20 00 02 74 / +225 01 63 31 63

Facebook: Africatrans



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