Abidjan Surroundings

1. Abidjan Zoo

  • During the war, some 40 animals died, among them 6 lions.
  • One of the lucky survivors was Can, an elephant named after the french acronym for the African cup of nations because she was born in 1992, the year C√īte d’Ivoire won its first CAN Trophy.
  • A hippo, monkeys and snakes also survived thanks to the zoo dedicated keepers.
  • Eating rotten bread, two hyenas also survived but lions starved to death.
  • In the process of rehabilitating the National Zoo, the government of cote d’ivoire has recently acquired 3 new lions from South Africa for about 50 million CFA. Lions cages stood empty for nearly 5 years and the 3 new lions are bringing some hope…
  • Repopulating the Zoo is a symbol of recovery.
  • After being abandoned for many years during the war, the Abidjan Zoo has been renovated and many new animals are being brought in.
  • Situated on the Abobo-Williamsville’s road in Cocody.
  • For further information, please visit their
  • Municipality:¬†Abidjan
  • Activities:¬†Nature, Leisure
  • Tel:¬†+225 47 28 84 03
  • Facebook page:¬†Zoo National Abidjan
  • Map:¬†Zoo d’Abidjan

2. Banco National Park (Parc National du Banco)

  • The Banco forest is found on the right-hand side of the highway to Yamoussoukro as you leave Abidjan. It actual location is on the outskirts of the downtown area. Access is through the old Dabou road.
  • The park has¬†a footpath¬†which when followed leads¬†to magnificent¬†trees, many of¬†which are¬†rare species which¬†have disappeared¬†elsewhere in the country. The serenity in this park causes you¬†to forget¬†the bustling city¬†nearby.
  • The name Banco refers to the stream which springs from within the forest and is revered by the Ebri√© people, who are the original inhabitants of Abidjan.
  • Activities: Nature
  • Map:¬†Banco National Park


3. Réserve Naturelle Partielle de Dahlia fleur

Originally a flower plantation this ecological reserve offers a strong floristic diversity for the  preservation of biodiversity.

There you will also find bamboo plantation with some species  having being brought from China.

It is a good location to take a hike that will lead you to the  lagoon.

Municipality: Abidjan

Activities: Nature

Address: Old road of Bingerville after Carrefour Abatta

Tel: +225 22 41 06 65 

Map: Parc Dahlia Fleur

4. Green Valley

Green Valley offers a beautiful touristic circuit for bicycle rides and hiking.

Municipality: Abidjan

Activities: Nature, Sports, Leisure

Address: 15 min from Angré II Plateau from Petro-Ivoire road from Grand Alépé, S / P  Brofodoumé

Tel: +225 01 37 24 80 / +225 08 30 63 92 / +225 02 12 43 08

Facebook: Green Valley  

Map: Green Valley

5. Le Centre Artisanal De La Ville D’abidjan (CAVA)


CAVA is the best place to buy African souvenirs. There you will find a large choice of  wooden items (status, sculptures, masks, jewelry) fabric, painting (on wood, canvas, glass). The artisans are local and some come from Burkina Faso, Senegal and Mali.

Municipality: Treichville

Activities: Art

Address: Treichville, the road parallel to rue du Canal, between boulevard VGE and rue Clément-Ader

6. Domaine Bini

At Domaine Bini you will find a forest and various plantations such as cocoa, rubber trees,  papayas fields, flowers and subsistence crops (Maniocs, eggplant, vegetables,). The Agro ecological site offers activities such as educational walk, Zip line, Clay bath, Games, Camping, and Dancing. Visitors also get to enjoy local food.

Municipality: Abidjan

Activities: Nature, culture, leisure

Address: Northern highway, 51Km or 30 min of Abidjan

Tel: +225 08 33 47 73 / +225 09 30 99 91 

Facebook: Domaine Bini

7. Ivoire Golf Club

Ivoire Golf Club is a unique receptive and leisure space in Abidjan located in Riviera Golf, near the M’pouto junction. It has a restaurant and snack bar, there is an adult and a childrens pool, 18 and 9 hole golf course, you can do many other activities such as squash, table tennis, gym for fitness, gymnastics and bodybuilding, Seminar room, reception area for wedding, birthday or promotional launch.

Municipality: Cocody

Activities: Leisure, sports

Address: Riviera 3 M’Pouto

Tel: +225 22 00 38 06 

Website: www.igcabidjan.com

8. Cathédrale Saint Paul

The church is located in Plateau, the center commercial district of Abidjan. A design of the  architect Aldo Spirito, it has a capacity of 5000 people, 3500 sitting and 1500 standing. The magnificent building adorns the skyline of Abidjan.

Municipality: Plateau

Activities: Spiritual

Address: Plateau Boulevard Angoulvant

Tel: +225 20 21 20 26

Website: www.cathedralestpaulabidjan.org

9. Sanctuaire Marial D’abidjan (Notre-Dame-D’afrique)

This National Shrine of Abidjan, dedicated to Mary, is an important place of Catholic  pilgrimage. It is located in the commune of Attécoubé, near Adjame. The main church was  designed by the Italian architect Aldo Spirito and was completed and inaugurated in February 1987.

Municipality: Adjame

Activities: Spiritual

Address: Adjamé Cité Fairmont РVers la Pharmacie Agban

Tel: +225 20 37 16 68 / +225 07 26 02 02 / +225 49 50 49 72

Website: www.sanctuairemarial.com

10. Fondation Amadou Hamp√Ęt√© BA

Amadou Hamp√Ęt√© B√Ę is a Malian writer and ethnologist who was an advocate of oral¬† tradition. This space is a gallery that safeguards the documentary background that he left¬† behind for Africa, to the World.

Municipality: Cocody

Activites: Art, culture

Address: Cocody, 11, Rue des cannas, near Pharmacie Danga

Tel: +225 09 43 05 84 / +225 22 44 33 85 / +225 22 44 34 52

Facebook: Fondation Amadou Hampate BA

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